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Overview Of The ToneWoodAmp Global Settings Menu

Many important ToneWoodAmp settings are in the Global Settings menu.

To access the Global Settings menu:

Combo-click Effects and Parameters.
    Settings will appear on the display.

    *Note- It is a quick click and release of the knobs. If you click and hold, you will see either Memory or Insert appear on the screen instead.

Turn the Effects knob to scroll through the following options:

• Guitar –
Displays a preset menu that lets you configure different guitars to use with the ToneWoodAmp.

• Gain % –
Sets the Master Gain of the input signal to the ToneWoodAmp.

• Sleep –
Activate Sleep mode so the device automatically goes into a dormant state when the
   guitar is placed in a vertical stand. This saves battery and allows you to pick up the guitar and 

   resume with the same effects settings.

• Dim –
Sets a time after which the LCD dims.

• Start With –
Determines the effect presets loaded upon power-up. 

Option 1: Starts with Effect #1. 

Option 2: Starts with the last effect used.

• Battery Type – 
State the type of battery: Alkaline or three types of rechargeable.

• Esc – 
Exits the Global Settings menu.