Installing the Neo-D Pickup

If you ordered the ToneWoodAmp and Fishman Neo-D pickup package, follow these instructions to
test the ToneWoodAmp and the pickup together.

Prepare the ToneWoodAmp for install and position it with the blue tape.
    Positioning the TWA

Place the Neo-D pickup in the sound hole.

Loosen the two screws on the Neo-D pickup using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Allow enough space for the wood of the guitar to fit into the pickup.

Insert the pickup making sure the attached cable comes out of the sound hole on the side closest
    to the neck.

This is very important as it ensures the cable stays out of the way of your picking hand.

Tighten the screws on the pickup to hold it in place.

Position the pickup cable so it goes under the guitar below the sound hole, and travels along the
    back of the guitar to the Input jack of the ToneWoodAmp.

With the pickup in position and plugged into the ToneWoodAmp, set the Master Gain to 100%.
    The Neo-D typically sounds best when the Master Gain is set in the range 80–100%. Use your ears
    to determine the best setting for your guitar.
    Setting the Master Gain for the First Time

Disconnect the Neo-D cable from the ToneWoodAmp.

Loosen the screws on the pickup and remove it from the sound hole.

Continue with the installation of the magnetic X-brace.
      Installing the X-brace 

Reinstall the Neo-D pickup into the sound hole of your guitar, plug it in and enjoy the sounds of
     your ToneWoodAmp.