Which Guitars Are Compatible With the ToneWoodAmp?


Most steel and nylon string acoustic, and electric/acoustic guitars and basses with a flat or slightly arched back are compatible with the ToneWoodAmp and the Magnetic X-Brace.

Thin body acoustic guitars


You may be able to use a thin-body acoustic guitar, but the lack of space in the body may add a bit of difficulty to the installation of the Magnetic X-Brace. The same will be true for most baritone ukulele and small bodied guitars like the Cordoba SM CE Mini.


Full body acoustic archtop jazz guitar and other f-hole instruments


Full body Archtop jazz guitars with f-holes may potentially sound lovely with the ToneWoodAmp, but because of the lack of a large soundhole, it is not possible to install it ToneWoodAmp using the Magnetic X-Brace. 

At this time, a temporary solution like 3M Blue Painter's Tape may work to affix ToneWoodAmp to your instrument.

We are exploring other mounting options for instruments with f-holes.


Semi-acoustic electric guitars


With electric/acoustic nylon string guitars like Godin Multiac, and Taylor T5 Series do not have a traditional acoustic soundhole that allows for mounting of the X-Brace. 

As with f-hole equipped instruments, a temporary solution like 3M Blue Painter's Tape will work to affix ToneWoodAmp to your instrument. 

Ovation Guitars

The bowl shaped back of Ovation guitars will not allow for ToneWoodAmp to seat as flat as is necessary for optimal performance. We do not consider ToneWoodAmp compatible with Ovation guitars.

Please note: Some folks with Ovation instruments equipped with a removable back access plate have had luck mounting TWA directly on the back plate itself.


Guitars that are known to be incompatible with the TWA


•      Guitars with a nonstandard or very small sound hole. (Little Martin, ½ and ¾ size guitars)

•      Guitars with no sound hole

•      Thin body guitars

•      Guitars with an irregular back surface or shape (inside or outside). **A slightly arched back may be okay.**

•      Baby Taylor

•      Most Ovation Guitars


 A pickup is required! For those who don’t have an electric/acoustic guitar, we offer two high quality, “technician-free” pickup bundles: The B-FMP bundle for steel string that includes the Fishman Neo-D sound hole magnetic pickup and the B-KNG bundle that includes the Kremona NG-1 tie-bar piezo pickup for nylon string guitars. Please check the Order page for these bundles.