As with any effect pedal or guitar amplifier, a pickup is REQUIRED to use the ToneWoodAmp. The pickup sends the guitar signal to the ToneWoodAmp. If you do not have an electric-acoustic guitar, we offer high quality, technician-free* pickups as part of a bundle, or individually through our order page.

Pickup Options for steel and nylon string guitars:

  • Steel String - We offer the Fishman Neo-D humbucking Magnetic Soundhole Pickup. You can purchase it as part of our B-FMP bundle, or as a later on upgrade.
  • Nylon String - We offer the Kremona NG-1 tie-bar Pickup. You can purchase it as part of our B-KNG bundle, or as a later on upgrade.

Please visit our order page

* Technician-free means that you will be able to install, connect, test and use this pickup with no help from a guitar tech. In a case where you will want to wire the pickup through the end-pin, a technicians help may be required.