ToneWoodAmp requires a signal from a pickup to function. For people with acoustic guitars not equipped with built in electronics, we offer two high quality, technician-free* pickups, available as part of a TWA bundle or individually through our order page


For Steel String guitars, we offer the Fishman Neo-D Humbucking Soundhole Pickup. This is available as part of our B-FMP bundle or individually.

For Nylon String guitars, we offer the Kremona NG-1 Tie Bar Pickup. This is available as part of our B-KNG bundle or individually.


Please visit our order page.


*Technician-free indicates that you will be able to install, connect and use this pickup with no help from a guitar technician. In the event that you'd like the lead from the pickup wired to an end-pin jack, a guitar tech's assistance may be required.