ToneWoodAmp is offering high-quality Technician-free* pickups from major US brands which we have tested extensively to use with the ToneWoodAmp.


These pickups are slightly modified at the connector and cable to work seamlessly with your ToneWoodAmp and compliment the aesthetics of your guitar.


Steel String OptionFishman Neo-D Humbucking Magnetic Soundhole Pickup. This can be purchase as part of a the B-FMP bundle or later as an upgrade.


Nylon String OptionKremona NG-1 tie-bar Pickup. You can purchase it as part of a the B-KNG bundle or later as an upgrade.


Please visit our order page for more details.


* Technician-free means that you will be able to install, connect, test and use this pickup with no help from a guitar tech. If you'd like to wire the pickup through the end-pin, you may wish to use a technician.