The short answer is no. 

ToneWoodAmp is a stand-alone device with its own pre-amp and DSP and can produce the following pro-level high-quality effect:

  1. Hall Reverb
  2. Room Reverb
  3. Plate Reverb
  4. Delay
  5. Tremolo Delay
  6. Tremolo Leslie Style
  7. AutoWah
  8. Overdrive

Each effect has 3 programmable parameters and a programmable volume and gain.
Each effect can save/recall /edit /delete up to 10 presets (total of 80 presets can be saved)

In addition to these effects, the ToneWoodAmp can connect* to any iDevice (iPhone, iPad, and iTouch) which gives you additional access to other audio and MIDI guitar apps.

Check out our video on Using an iDevice with the ToneWoodAmp for more info.

*(iDevice cable required - sold separately - see our Order Page)