ToneWoodAmp has a separate output to allow your TWA to double as a multi effect processor that is attached to the back of your guitar. 

NOTE: When using with an amp, please make sure to secure the output cable to the amp to your guitar strap to prevent it from being pulled off of the back. If you plan to use D.I. mode often, please remove the second protective liner from the suction rail on your ToneWoodAmp.

When you insert a cable into the Output jack, it will automatically be set to D.I. mode. (This can also be accessed by a combo-click of the Parameters and Amplitude knob)

Once connected to an amplifier, a few things will change.

  • The effects will stop coming out of your guitar
  • The Amplitude knob now controls D.I. Level and Blend in addition to Gain. Clicking the Amplitude knob will cycle through these options. 
  • The D.I. Level function controls the output volume of the ToneWoodAmp. (Values are from 1-25)                                                                              Note: The TWA output is "hot" so lower volume levels (between 9-12) should be sufficient and prevent any clipping.
  • The Blend function acts as a mix between Wet and Dry signal. Set at 0 and the signal is the dry signal from the guitar only, turn it to 25 and the signal is so wet that you will need a towel to dry off! Everything else in the middle (Value 12) or below will be very suitable to what you usually play.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note: When using High-Gain effects like Overdrive or Auto-Wah, it is recommended to explore the "fully wet" space. Crank that bad boy up to 25! This will take your acoustic guitar to the place of electric hard rock and pop! 

To Quick Mute the output when in connected to an amp or PA System. (v2.69 and later) 

  1.  Click and Release the Parameters and Amplitude knob to enter the DI Mode Menu.
  2. Turn the Parameters knob to Mute DI
  3. Click the Parameters knob to toggle between Mute and Active. 
  4. To exit, turn the Parameters knob and select Exit when done.

When you unplug the cable from the output, the TWA automatically returns to exciting the back of the guitar. This default can be changed anytime in the D.I. Mode settings.

It's also important to mention that you can have the effects coming from an amplifier AND your ToneWoodAmp at the same time!

Combo-clicking Parameters and Amplitude will take you to D.I. Mode, and you can turn the Parameters knob to select Mute D.I., TWA and D.I., or TWA or D.I. 

Watch a demo of this feature here.