ToneWoodAmp has a separate output to allow your TWA to double as a multi-effect processor while attached to the back of your guitar.

Combo-clicking Parameters and Amplitude will take you to D.I. Mode, and you can turn the Parameters knob to select TWA and D.I.,  TWA or D.I., or Mute D.I.

TWA and D.I. allows you to hear the TWA's effects through your guitar and the amplifier or PA that you're plugged into at simultaneously.

TWA or D.I. will mute the TWA's signal to your guitar, but the effects will continue to transmit to external amplifier.

Mute D.I. will mute the signal transmitted to your guitar and to the external amplifier. 

Watch a demo of this feature here.


If you plan to use D.I. mode often, please remove the second protective liner from the suction rail on your ToneWoodAmp.

NOTE: When using TWA in DI mode, especially in live situations, it is a good idea to secure the output cable running to the amp to your guitar strap. This will prevent the ToneWoodAmp from being pulled off of the back of your instrument.