ToneWoodAmp was not designed to amplify the guitar but rather augment its sound. Nevertheless, because TWA adds effects on top of a guitar's natural sound, there is a slight boost in volume which is dependent on your playing style and the effects you choose.

i.e.: If you play solo lines or fingerstyle and use a generous amount of reverb, there will be an added boost of about 3 - 6 Db. On the other hand, if you are strumming hard, there will be 0 - 3 Db of an added boost.

In a situation where you may need more that that, we advise you to pair your ToneWoodAmp with an amplifier. This will serve as a powerful pre-amp/Multi-effect processor offering you more flexibility in sound. Ranging from a nice clean acoustic tone with reverb to a fully electric hardcore overdrive, you will have endless options.