You cannot use the L.R. Baggs Lyric (or other microphone only Solutions) directly with the ToneWoodAmp, as they have been found to cause instant feedback

However, if you combine the L.R. Baggs with a soundhole magnetic pickup (such as the Fishman Neo-D), you can benefit from this combo greatly as it will gift you with unique tone capabilities!


  • Off Stage (unplugged): When playing off stage or unplugged(un-amplified) - use the Neo-D pickup (for example) as your main source to feed the TWA. You will hear the natural tone of your guitar + the effects from the ToneWoodAmp. The Neo-D is a passive humbucker pickup - allowing you to keep the ToneWoodAmp connected to your guitar without worry of draining your batteries. 

  • On Stage: When playing on stage, use your Lyric as you normally do (connected to a DI or an AMP). Use the Neo-D to "feed" the TWA and let the Lyrics mic to capture not only your guitar's natural tone but also the ToneWoodAmp effects. This will provide you with a unique experience while capturing the organic acoustic and ToneWoodAmps sound.