Due to the fact that factory and default settings may not be optimum for your guitar and pickup, your display screen may read "clipping". In the event that this occurs, your guitar is signaling you to tell you the amplification is too high and at danger of reaching the DSP effects processor.

To fix this, reduce the master gain and increase the volume. Increased volume helps make up for reduced gain.

Reducing the gain: 

Reducing the master gain (gain %) in the settings menu. 

1. Click "effects and parameter" knobs at the same time to enter the settings menu.

2. Turn "effects" knob clockwise until you reach "gain %".

3. Click "effects" knob.

4. Turn the "effects" knob counterclockwise to reduce gain.

5. Finally, click the "effects" knob to save your preferred settings. 

Changing volume to compensate for reduced gain:

Overwrite factory settings in memory menu.

1. Click and hold the "effects" knob to enter the memory menu.

2. Rotate "effects" knob clockwise to save menu.
3. click "effects" knob.

4. To overwrite factory settings, Rotate the "effects" knob counterclockwise to "ovrwrt#1".
5. Click "effects" knob.

6. Rotate the "effects" knob clockwise to "yes".

7. Finally, click "effects" knob to save your new settings. 

Note: Following these steps will help you change any current default setting for any effect you prefer to have saved differently.