ToneWoodAmp should be set up as follows if using the Kremona NB-1 (B-KNG Bundle):

  1. Set the Master Gain in both Notch Filters, then save these settings (on a different memory position, i.e. Guitar 2, 3, 4) in a new Guitar Settings Mode.
    1. For an instructional video on mode settings, click here
  2. Set the Master Gain to 15-20%
    1. To watch an instructional video on adjusting the master gain, click here
  3. Set Notch Filters:
    1. Click here to view an instructional video first.
    2. Low filter: Frequency (Parameters Knob) = 261hz*, Cut (Effects Knob) = 20*.
    3. High Filter: Frequency = 866hz*, Cut = 18*.

    The Above Are Estimated Positions Only. Values May Vary Between Guitars. 

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