The ToneWoodAmp is designed to augment the natural tone of your instrument with multiple effects like those achievable through the use of pedals and an amplifier, but without requiring being tethered to such devices.

Although ToneWoodAmp may provide a volume boost when dialed in correctly, it is NOT an amplifier and is not designed as a tool to amplify the volume of your acoustic guitar.

ToneWoodAmp works by altering the signal from your pickup and projecting effects back through the body of your guitar. 

When set up correctly, it will add approximately 3-9 db of volume. The actual increase in volume will depend on which effect you are using, how it is configured, and your playing style.

ToneWoodAmp is not meant to add a substantial volume increase to your guitar because past a certain point, the sound can start to get very "boomy" in acoustic guitar bodies. Higher volume levels could also result in substantial feedback.

Should you require additional volume from an amplifier or PA system, the ToneWoodAmp is equipped with an output jack and DI mode. DI Mode allows you to use TWA as a Multi-Effect processor between your guitar and an amplifier or PA. 

DI mode allows you to control the wet/dry mix between the signal from your guitar and TWA's effects, the DI output volume, along with other handy features for a live situation.