For the protection of your instrument and ToneWoodAmp, we recommend removing TWA after about 72 hours of being attached. The combination of very strong magnets and the suction rails can make it very difficult to remove your TWA if attached for extended periods of time. 

DO NOT leave your ToneWoodAmp attached to your guitar for more than 72 hours. 

  • This can make the ToneWoodAmp difficult to remove the longer it is attached

  • This can flatten and damage the suction pads

DO NOT expose both suction pads when you first install your ToneWoodAmp. 

  • Keeping 1 suction pad covered will make removal easier.

  • Remove the ToneWoodAmp slowly to allow air to penetrate the suction pad.

In the event that you find your TWA difficult to remove after extended placement, grip the two long sides of the ToneWoodAmp and use your other hand to get underneath the device and slowly leverage it upward, NOT BY BRUTE FORCE, but by allowing air to slowly sip under the suction tape to safely remove the TWA. This might take a number of seconds until the unit will “surrender” and disconnect from the guitar. DO NOT use too much force as it might damage the ToneWoodAmp.