If your instrument fits these parameters, your instrument is compatible with ToneWoodAmp. Ask yourself these few questions to determine if TWA will work. 

Will it fit in my...?

As long as your instrument has a soundhole or opening large enough for the internally mounted Magnetic X-Brace to fit and the area you're attaching is no thicker than 1/4". 

Our X-Brace measures 3" x 3" x 1.25" and you will also need sufficient space for you to fit your hand inside for the initial installation. (No f-holes or small sound holes) 

Will it sit correctly on my...?

The ToneWoodAmp requires a relatively flat surface. The round rubber cone on the bottom of TWA should rest flat or mostly flat against the instrument, as should TWA's suction pads.

A slightly arched back will work great. An arched back like those found on Taylor guitars is compatible, although an adjusted placement may be necessary to find a spot where TWA will sit as flat as possible. 

Something bowl shaped like an Oud or an Ovation guitar is too curved for TWA to work and is not compatible.

Does it have built in electronics or can they be installed?

ToneWoodAmp does require a signal from a pickup in order to function. Most pickup systems beyond mic-only systems will work great with TWA.

If your instrument has a built in pickup system with a 1/4" output, it's ready to go with TWA.
If your instrument is fully acoustic, you'll need a pickup. We offer the Fishman Neo-D soundhole pickups for steel string guitars and the Kremona NG-1 for nylon string guitars. You can find those bundles here. 

If you have an instrument that won't accommodate either pickup, you can certainly install another!

If you still have questions about compatibility, please submit a support ticket