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Before You Get Started.Updated 6 months ago

Be sure to follow these four quick and important tips regarding installation. 

1. Suction Liners:
This IS NOT an adhesive. The suction liner is non-slip temporary fixation material made of microscopic suction cups, which grip your guitar to keep your ToneWoodAmp securely in place. You must expose at least one of the suction liners to maintain consistent results with your ToneWoodAmp. 

Only remove the clear liner on top to expose the black liner.  
We suggest exposing only ONE suction liner initially to make removing the ToneWoodAmp easier. When the initially exposed liner has "broken in," you can then expose the second liner. Please refer to our attaching/detaching video to ensure proper care is taken 

2. Installation / Positioning:
Spend time testing the mounting location on the guitar before installing the X-brace. Listen for effect volume and clarity and make sure the exciter cone on the bottom of your ToneWoodAmp is unobstructed by any guitar bracing on the opposite side. Avoid positioning the ToneWoodAmp too high along your guitar body, as this can get in the way while standing. You can view our positioning guidelines here.  

3. Setting the Master Gain: (REQUIRED)
Our factory Master Gain setting of 50% may not be ideal for your guitar and pickup configuration. Master Gain configures the input level from your guitar across all effects to either increase or decreases their overall output level. View more info here

4. Installation Videos/Support
You can find all of our install/configure videos by scanning the QR Code on your ToneWoodAmp. If you have any questions at all, please contact us with your preferred method via the phone icon on the top right of our website. We love and are proud of the ToneWoodAmp and want to ensure you get the most out of your ToneWoodAmp experience!
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